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Choose your Starter Pack

Getting Star Citizen off to a good start

Your first purchase for Star Citizen will be a Starter pack, and as you can see, there are several of them, but not all of them are the same. The purpose of this article is to analyse and classify the different packs offered on the RSI website and help you make your choice.

Attention, I will speak here about the packages in themselves, not about the ships they propose. I assume that you already know which ship you want to acquire, my goal is just to guide you in the choice of the starter pack, knowing that you may need to upgrade the ship proposed with the package to the ship you have set.

This article being (very) long, I have deliberately hidden some less important passages, these passages can be consulted by clicking on a button. When you see a little green circled plus , is that part of the article is hidden, click on this little button to show it, and click again to hide it if necessary.

What are the important points to retain from a package?

  • Its price, of course.
  • But also its content: Insurance, EUC Bonus, Flair, Hangar, Digital Goodies.
  • And finally, its upgradeability: Upgrade value of ship(s).

Packages valuation

I have distinguished several points of interest in the valuation of a package:

  • Valuation of Licenses and digital goodies

    Namely Star Citizen and Squadron 42, but also digital goodies such as the Star Map, Soundtrack, etc.
    These are sold individually, so it is easy to add value to them.

    • $45.00 excl. VAT Squadron 42 License only
    • $45.00 excl. VAT Star Citizen License only
    • $65.00 excl. VAT Star Citizen + Squadron 42 License
    • $20.00 excl. VAT the Squadron 42 License added to a package (See Answer The Call insert)
    • $05.00 excl. VAT Star Map
    • $10.00 excl. VAT Game Soundtrack
    • $10.00 excl. VAT Engineering Manual
    • $10.00 excl. VAT Making Of Star Citizen

    I didn't valuate Star Citizen and Squadron 42's documentation, some packages offer them, others don't.
    I assumed that you'll have no trouble doing without such documentation if you do a minimum of research on the net.

Answer The Call offer, allowing you to get Squadron 42 at $20.00 excl. VAT

At the beginning of August 2019, CIG seems to have put an end to the Answer The Call offer which allowed to get Squadron 42 at $20.00 HT when ordering a package including Star Citizen but not including Squadron 42. This offer was very convenient, as it allowed to buy a package without Squadron 42 and to add it at the time of the order validation by paying only $20.00 HT instead of $45.00 HT.

I had used this offer as a selection criteria in the choice of packages, but with the disappearance of the offer, we now have to take into account the fact that Squadron 42 can only be accessed by three methods :

  • Either by purchasing the product alone at $45.00 HT,
  • or via the Mustang Alpha, and Aurora MR packages including Squadron 42 and Star Citizen,
  • or finally via packages reserved for concierges.

Finally, the offer could very well be revised, permanently or occasionally, during an Anniversary for example. I will therefore keep it as a criterion of choice, but on the assumption that it is no longer as easy to obtain as before.

  • Insurance Valuation

    I did not value the insurance, because that would be purely arbitrary since we do not know how much it will be charged once it is in play. Especially as it is not really interesting since most packages offer a 6 months insurance, except for the Aurora MR and Mustang Alpha packages which only offer 3 months of insurance.
    Exception for the packages dedicated to concierges who offer an LTI insurance.

  • Valuation of the UEC Bonus

    The UECs can be valued, 5000 EUCs are sold $5.00 HT online without quantity discount, so it is easy to consider that 1000 EUCs are worth $1.00 HT.

  • Hangar Valuation

    The valuation of a Hangar is simple since it is enough to take back their value on the RSI website.

    • $00.00 HT Self-Land Hangar
    • $20.00 HT Aeroview Hangar
    • $40.00 HT Revel & York Hangar
    • $50.00 HT VFG Industrial Hangar

    The strongest upgrade, the VFG Industrial Hangar Upgrade, will automatically give you access to all other options. If you want all 4 hangars, there is no need to purchase all the upgrades, only the VFG Industrial Hangar Upgrade is sufficient.

  • Flair Valuation

    I valued the flairs at $5.00 HT the unit, it's the price applied for the flairs in the subscribers' shop, and $15.00 HT the Greycat, it's its selling price applied on the RSI website.

    • $05.00 HT by Flair
    • $15.00 HT Greycat PVT

    Currently, only the Package of the Constellation Andromeda offers Flairs, and a Greycat PVT.

  • Ships valuation (upgrade and evolutivity)

    Note that I am talking about the valuation of a ship in real money, not in UEC.

    The valuation of a ship is the price HT which will be proposed to you at the time of upgrading a ship, to know this value it is enough to reach the page of upgrade and to consult the applied prices.
    Below is a list of the ships that are present in the packages of the article.
    Please note that ships marked with an asterisk (*) are only available in Concierge packages, and these ships may not be available in game (See Loaner Ship Matrix).

    • $30.00 HT Aurora MR
    • $30.00 HT Mustang Alpha
    • $40.00 HT Dragonfly Black
    • $45.00 HT C8X Pisces Expedition
    • $60.00 HT Avenger Titan
    • $60.00 HT Avenger Stalker
    • $65.00 HT Reliant Kore
    • $75.00 HT Arrow
    • $110.00 HT Cutlass Black
    • $0.00 HT Hornet F7C
    • $110.00 Freelancer
    • $240.00 HT Constellation Andromeda

    When you buy your first starter pack, don't only look at the economics of the pack, but also at its evolution over time, because there's no sense in saving $20 when you buy the starter pack if you're going to lose $40 later.

  • Currency and pricing without VAT

    As you will have noticed, I speak only in dollars and without VAT.
    This choice is deliberate, as some important parts of the site only use the Duty Free pricing in Dollars, such as :

    • The valuation of a ship during an upgrade,
    • The action of requesting an Exchange (Melt),
    • The use of the Credit Store.
  • Valuation of Ships according to their value in UEC

    This is a valuation that I don't take into account in this article, the reason being that the game's economy is not in place, and the balancing of the ships is not finished, so it's difficult to take into account the in-game sale value of a ship if it changes according to the updates.

    Moreover, the choice of a ship should be made according to what it will bring you in game, and not because it costs more or less in UEC. This is an evaluation that can be done during an online customization as for the Origin 300 series, but not on the ship itself.

Valuation of the package and "gain" on purchase

Now that it is possible to value the contents of a package, it is possible to make an overview and determine its real value and the gain made on purchase.

The table below gives a value of the different packages, as well as an evaluation of the gain that the purchase of the package can represent by comparing its sale value with its content value.

Starter Pack
Gain on
Gain on
Mustang Alpha Starter Pack 45.00$ 3 1000 45.00$ 0.00$ 1.00$ 30.00$ 77.00$ -15.00$ 32.00$
Aurora MR Starter Pack 45.00$ 3 1000 45.00$ 0.00$ 1.00$ 30.00$ 77.00$ -15.00$ 32.00$
Mustang Alpha Starter Pack + SQ42 65.00$ 3 1000 65.00$ 0.00$ 1.00$ 30.00$ 97.00$ -35.00$ 32.00$
Aurora MR Starter Pack + SQ42 65.00$ 3 1000 65.00$ 0.00$ 1.00$ 30.00$ 97.00$ -35.00$ 32.00$
C8X Pisces Expedition Starter Pack 60.00$ 6 1000 45.00$ 0.00$ 1.00$ 45.00$ 92.00$ -15.00$ 32.00$
Cutter Starter Pack 60.00$ 6 1000 45.00$ 0.00$ 1.00$ 45.00$ 92.00$ -15.00$ 32.00$
100i Starter Pack 65.00$ 6 1000 45.00$ 0.00$ 1.00$ 50.00$ 97.00$ -15.00$ 32.00$
Avenger Titan Starter Pack 75.00$ 6 1000 45.00$ 20.00$ 1.00$ 60.00$ 127.00$ -15.00$ 52.00$
Anvil Arrow Starter Pack 90.00$ 6 1000 45.00$ 0.00$ 1.00$ 75.00$ 122.00$ -15.00$ 32.00$
Nomad Starter Pack 95.00$ 6 1000 45.00$ 0.00$ 1.00$ 80.00$ 127.00$ -15.00$ 32.00$
Cutlass Black Package 125.00$ 6 1000 45.00$ 50.00$ 1.00$ 110.00$ 207.00$ -15.00$ 82.00$
Hornet F7C Starter 125.00$ 6 5000 45.00$ 20.00$ 20.00$ 0.00$ 90.00$ -125.00$ -35.00$
Freelancer Package 125.00$ 6 5000 45.00$ 20.00$ 30.00$ 110.00$ 210.00$ -15.00$ 85.00$
Constellation Andromeda Starter Pack 275.00$ 6 10000 45.00$ 40.00$ 90.00$ 240.00$ 425.00$ -35.00$ 150.00$
'Goodies' ValueValorization of digital content, UECs, Flairs and Skins if any
Ships ValueValuation of the ships present in the pack according to their CCU value
Pack ValueValuation of the whole content
Gain on ShipsThe ratio between the Ship Valuation and the purchase value of the pack excluding VAT, is positive only on high value packs.
Gain on PackRatio between the Value of the Pack and the purchase value of the pack excluding VAT

I remind you that most packages do not include Squadron 42, and that the purchase of the latter separately represents an additional cost of $45.00 excluding VAT, or $20.00 in the case of a hypothetical return of the Answer The Call offer.
Therefore, a package that does not include Squadron 42 and does not offer a payout of more than $45.00 (or $20.00 excluding VAT) is not really worthwhile if you have to purchase Squadron 42 separately.
Take the time to study each package, its contents, the possible savings on purchase, and the additional cost of acquiring Squadron 42 individually.


It is difficult to establish a ranking, because you have to take into account the ship that comes with the package and whether or not you need to have Squadron 42.

Moreover, depending on your budget and/or your objectives at stake, I can't establish a real ranking. It seems more appropriate to me to tell you which package seems to me the most adapted according to the value of the ship you intend to acquire :

Last update: 2024-02-10