Star Citizen Ile Avalon Pilot Logbook
Flight notebook of a Star Citizen

Choose your Ship

Getting Star Citizen off to a good start

Although the game is still under development and its content is highly questionable (the most slanderous will say it's "empty"), in the long run, Star Citizen should be a game with many possibilities for players, in which everyone should be able to find something to their liking.

However, you'll have to define your objectives, because without the right ship, it will be difficult for you to access many activities.

Non-exhaustive list of activities known to date:

  • Combat and Military Activities

    • Bounty Hunter
    • Escort
    • Interceptor
    • Bomber
    • Miner/Deminer
  • Trade and Transport

    • Freight Carrier
    • Passenger Carrier
    • Data Runner
    • Merchant
  • Exploration

    • Explorer
    • Pathfinder, Scout
    • Travel Organizer (Touring)
  • Industry, Support, Science and Media

    • Mining
    • Refining
    • Salvage
    • Rescue
    • Repairer
    • Rufueler
    • Doctor
    • Scientist
    • Journalist
  • Competition

    • Race Driver
  • Piracy

    • Smuggler, Trafficker
    • Saboteur, Hacker

Keep in mind that most of these activities are still in the conceptual stage.
Currently, the following activities are available:

  • Transport of goods, and smuggling
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Escort/Protection
  • Mineral Prospecting
  • Various missions where a Starter Ship is sufficient
  • Beginning of the medical gameplay
  • Ship-to-ship refueling

In this article, 238 ships and vehicles are listed, of which 179 are available in play. Among them are 24 Starters, 101 ships dedicated to Combat and 10 Pathfinder, 20 to Exploration and 9 to Touring, 41 that can carry out Transport on a more or less large scale, 19 are designed for Racing and finally 35 are dedicated to an Industrial, Scientific or Media Specialization.

Despite this diversity in the choice of a ship, don't get into the game without taking the time to make sure that the activity you are interested in is well implemented.
The fact that a ship dedicated to an activity is offered for sale does not mean that this activity is present in the game.
In addition, some ships are offered for sale, but not present in the game, in which case CIG will lend you a replacement ship, see the article on Loaner Ship Matrix for more information.

Starter Ship or Specialized Ship?

What to choose?

The starter ship is supposed to be your first ship and is defined as a ship that can be played solo, versatile enough to access basic missions and with a bit of cargo, although this is not a requirement as long as the ship has enough space to store a few mission crates.

The Aurora MR or the Mustang Alpha are two honourable Starters that allow you to get into the game at a lower cost, but if you want more versatility the Avenger Titan or an Origin 300i will surely be a better fit while remaining affordable.
Below is an overview of the main Starter ships.

Of course, you might be tempted to start the game with a more specialized ship, such as a fighter or a mining ship, but keep in mind that the more specialized the ship is, the harder it will be to use it for anything other than what it was designed for. This is why it is important to choose your ship carefully, or consider a second ship if necessary.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 100i  Small   Touring 1 2 $50.00 
 125a  Small   Light Fighter 1 2 $60.00 
 135c  Small   Light Freight 1 6 $65.00 
 300i  Small   Touring 1 8 $60.00 
 315p  Small   Pathfinder 1 12 $65.00 
 325a  Small   Light Fighter, Interdiction 1 4 $70.00 
 350r  Small   Racing 1 4 $125.00 
 Aurora CL  Small   Light Freight 1 6 $45.00 
 Aurora ES  Small   Pathfinder 1 3 $20.00 
 Aurora LN  Small   Light Fighter 1 3 $40.00 
 Aurora LX  Small   Pathfinder 1 3 $35.00 
 Aurora MR  Small   Light Fighter 1 3 $30.00 
 Avenger Titan  Small   Light Freight 1 8 $60.00 
 Avenger Titan Renegade  Small   Light Freight 1 8 $75.00 
 Cutter  Small   Light Freight 1 4 $45.00 
 Cutter Rambler  Small   Exploration 1 2 $50.00 
 Cutter Scout  Small   Exploration 1 2 $50.00 
 Mustang Alpha  Small   Light Freight 1 4 $30.00 
 Mustang Alpha Vindicator  Small   Light Freight 1 4 $30.00 
 Nomad  Medium   Freight 1 24 $80.00 
 Pisces C8R Rescue  Snub   Medical 1 à 2 - $65.00 
 Pisces C8X Expedition  Snub   Pathfinder 1 à 3 4 $45.00 
 Reliant Kore  Small   Light Freight 1 à 2 6 $65.00 
 Syulen  Small   Light Freight 1 6 $70.00 

Note that ships from the Cutlass and Freelancer series could have their place in the list of "Starter Ships". Both the Cutlass and the Freelancer have an excellent reputation as versatile single-player ships despite their size.

Although defined as a ship that can accommodate a crew of 1 to 3 members, the Pisces is actually a single-seater. The two additional seats are just passenger seats in which the occupants can only wait until they reach their destination. Be careful with the Pisces, it's an excellent shuttle to accompany the Carrack, but a poor starter ship if used alone.

Bigger is better...

...or not...

No matter what anyone says, Star Citizen is not a pay-to-win game!
Investing $725.00 in a Hammerhead won't make you stronger.

Choose your ship according to your desires and your goals, not according to its size.

Keep in mind that the bigger a ship is, the more expensive it will be to maintain and larger the crew it will require.
Some ships will only reach their full potential once the crew is complete.
The largest are intended for corporations.

If you play mainly alone or with a small crew, there's no point in investing in a ship that's too big.

For example, the Cutlass Black or Freelancer are versatile ships that will be perfect for a solo player who wants to be able to invite a friend or two from time to time, and it's still ships whose online price is still in the acceptable range.

Minimal Crew for a Ship

For any ship one pilot is enough, even if you are alone at the controls of a ship requiring a crew, you will still be able to fly it. Despite this, a ship has a minimum crew, which is the number of people required to start using the ship's capabilities. Without this crew requirement, you may not be able to make full use of your ship.

Even if you are playing solo, it will normally be possible to hire a crew or even compose your own crew (see Multiple Package Clarification on RSI webstie), but keep in mind that this AI-controlled aid will not be as effective as a real player.

Playing as a Group

It may be tempting to purchase a larger ship with the sole intention of paying for it with several people and then playing it as a group. But be aware of the impact this choice can have over time and there is no guarantee that you and your friends will be constantly together to enjoy the ship.

Especially since playing Star Citizen as a group does not necessarily imply having all the members of the group in the same ship... each member can very well have his own ship in order to combine everyone's efforts.

For example, it may be tempting for a group of players to acquire a Mole so that they can prospect together, but what happens if you are attacked? The Mole's ability to defend itself is almost nil, and you might regret not having an escort with you. Therefore, the group of friends would be better off investing in two Prospectors and two escort ships... Or why not a Prospector, an Expanse for ore refining, a Hull A for transporting refined materials and one or two escort ships...

Specialization has a cost!

The difficulty comes in first choices

Some activities such as mineral prospecting, salvage, or medical services require a specialized ship, and these ships are usually expensive. It is thus preferable not to make a mistake in your choice, because you are very likely to spend close to $140.00 HT in such a ship, or even more, some specialized ships exceed $200.00 HT.

Don't forget that, in addition to having a cost, specialization can very quickly limit your activities. A Prospector can hardly be used for anything other than mining, a Herald can hardly do anything other than data running, etc. Specialized ships are excellent as a second choice, but not very suitable as a first choice. If this is going to be your only ship, it is better to go for a more versatile ship and keep the acquisition of the specialized ship as a goal to be achieved once in game.

Star Citizen and PVP

Even if the game offers you the possibility to kill your fellow man, keep in mind that many constraints will come into play, such as piracy, the betting system, the final death of your character, costs such as ship insurance and maintenance, or reputations, etc.

Understand that doing PvP will be possible, but it won't be without risks.
And it can quickly become an expensive (in-game) activity, even restrictive because of the many gameplay elements that affect PvP.

For this, many ships are available, but again, some are expensive, even very expensive, and like the ships of specialized professions, it's not uncommon that a battleship can't do anything else than combat.

The 'Verse is dangerous

Because of the danger of the 'Verse and the omnipresence of PVP, most of the ships in Star Citizen are armed, but on some of them, this armament is purely symbolic, which is often the case for specialized industrial ships, like the Prospector, the MOLE, or the Vulture, and even some cargo ships, like the Hull series.

Overall, these ships could very well be supplied unarmed, it wouldn't make much difference in the outcome of a fight against a real fighter. If you're worried about bad encounters, have a fighter escort you, but don't rely too much on your own weaponry.

The Alien Tax

The Price of Extravagance

You might be tempted by an Alien ship, like the Banu Defender, the replica of the Prowler Terravin from Experia or even an Aopoa Khartu-al, but all these ships have one thing in common: they are overtaxed. Because of their originality, the price of an Alien ship is generally higher than that of an equivalent Human ship. We then speak of the "Alien Tax".

Ship Classification

The Fight

At Star Citizen, fighting is a big word, on the one hand you'll have individual PVP/PVE activities such as bounty hunting and defence on the Vanduul front line, on the other hand you'll have large scale armed conflicts that will be rare and not necessarily easy to participate in, and which may require you to join a hardcore corporation.
Keep this in mind, you might as well invest in a fighter because you'll find an opportunity to take it out, you might as well invest in a bomber or dropship and see it rust in your hangar.

In this family are the ships exclusively intended for combat.
They range from the snub fighter to the destroyer, including fighters of all sizes, bombers,...

The small (light) combat ships are generally single-seater, low-strength, fast and maneuverable.
Their armament ranges from Size 1 to 3, sometimes Size 4.
More a ship increases in size, more resistant it will become, gaining in armament but losing in maneuverability.
In addition, larger ships can become two-seater, or have a crew of at least 3, and are beginning to have turrets that require an operator.


Whose main role will be oriented towards pure combat, from escort and bounty hunting with death of the target or its capture in some exceptions. These ships have a wide range of sizes, from the Light Fighter to the Heavy Fighter, and including the smallest, the Snub fighter, which will need to be transported because it does not have a Quantum module.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 125a  Small   Light Fighter 1 2 $60.00 
 325a  Small   Light Fighter, Interdiction 1 4 $70.00 
 Ares Inferno  Medium   Heavy Fighter 1 - $250.00 
 Ares Ion  Medium   Heavy Fighter 1 - $250.00 
 Arrow  Small   Light Fighter 1 - $75.00 
 Aurora LN  Small   Light Fighter 1 3 $40.00 
 Aurora MR  Small   Light Fighter 1 3 $30.00 
 Blade  Small   Light Fighter 1 - $275.00 
 Cutlass Black  Medium   Medium Freight, Fighter 1 à 2 46 $110.00 
 Cutlass Black Best In Show  Medium   Medium Freight, Fighter 1 à 2 46 $110.00 
 Defender  Small   Light Fighter 1 à 2 - $220.00 
 F7A Hornet Mk1 [In Concept]  Small   Medium Fighter 1 - N/A 
 F7A Hornet Mk2  Small   Medium Fighter 1 - N/A 
 F7C Hornet Mk1  Small   Medium Fighter 1 2 $125.00 
 F7C Hornet Mk2  Small   Medium Fighter 1 - $175.00 
 F7C Hornet Wildfire Mk1  Small   Medium Fighter 1 - $175.00 
 F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Mk1  Small   Medium Fighter 1 à 2 - $200.00 
 F7C-M Super Hornet Mk1  Small   Medium Fighter 1 à 2 - $180.00 
 F8A Lightning  Small   Heavy Fighter 1 - N/A 
 F8C Lightning  Small   Heavy Fighter 1 - $300.00 
 F8C Lightning Executive  Small   Heavy Fighter 1 - N/A 
 Fury  Snub   Snub Fighter 1 - $55.00 
 Gladius  Small   Light Fighter 1 - $90.00 
 Gladius Pirate  Small   Light Fighter 1 - $110.00 
 Gladius Valiant  Small   Light Fighter 1 - $110.00 
 Glaive  Medium   Medium Fighter 1 - $350.00 
 Hawk  Small   Light Fighter 1 - $100.00 
 Hurricane  Small   Heavy Fighter 2 - $210.00 
 Khartu-Al  Small   Light Fighter 1 - $170.00 
 Mustang Delta  Small   Light Fighter 1 - $65.00 
 P-52 Merlin  Snub   Fighter 1 - $25.00 
 Reliant Tana  Small   Light Fighter 1 à 2 1 $75.00 
 Sabre Firebird  Medium   Medium Fighter 1 - $185.00 
 San'tok.yāi  Small   Light Fighter 1 - $240.00 
 Scorpius  Medium   Medium Fighter 1 à 2 - $240.00 
 Scorpius Antares  Medium   Medium Fighter, Interdiction 1 à 2 - $230.00 
 Scythe  Small   Medium Fighter 1 - $300.00 
 Vanduul Stinger [Squadron 42]  N/A   Fighter 1 - N/A 
 Vanguard Warden  Medium   Heavy Fighter 2 - $260.00 

Stealth Fighters

Same principle as fighters, except that their design and equipment make them more difficult to detect.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 F7C-S Hornet Ghost Mk1  Small   Stealth 1 - $140.00 
 Razor EX  Small   Stealth 1 - $155.00 
 Sabre  Small   Stealth 1 - $170.00 
 Sabre Comet  Small   Stealth 1 - $185.00 
 Sabre Raven  Small   Stealth, Interdiction 1 - N/A 
 Talon  Small   Stealth 1 - $115.00 
 Talon Shrike  Small   Stealth, Bomber 1 - $115.00 


These ships are generally designed for interception, capture and/or transport of prisoners. They include bounty hunters, but also interceptor ships equipped with EMP generators that can neutralize the electronic systems of other ships, or with Quantum jam to intercept ship during there Quantum travel.

Beware, some ships like the Buccaneer are designated as Interdiction when it is only a light fighter that was designed to maintain order at the borders. During the LIVE of September 13, 2019, it was confirmed that the Buccaneer and 325a were interceptor ships and not interdiction ships.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 325a  Small   Light Fighter, Interdiction 1 4 $70.00 
 Avenger Stalker  Small   Interdiction 1 - $60.00 
 Avenger Warlock  Small   Interdiction 1 - $85.00 
 Buccaneer  Small   Interdiction 1 - $110.00 
 Cutlass Blue  Medium   Interdiction 2 12 $175.00 
 Mantis  Small   Interdiction 1 - $150.00 
 Sabre Raven  Small   Stealth, Interdiction 1 - N/A 
 Scorpius Antares  Medium   Medium Fighter, Interdiction 1 à 2 - $230.00 
 Vanguard Sentinel  Medium   Interdiction 2 - $275.00 
 Zeus Mk II MR [In Concept]  Medium   Interdiction 3 16 $190.00 


As their name implies, they are there to drop bombs and/or torpedoes.
These ships can be formidable in a conflict, as they are equipped with explosive charges capable of destroying large targets. These are very specific purpose ships, which will find their interest in warlike corporations. It's a ship that's worth taking second or even third choice.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Eclipse  Medium   Stealth Bomber 1 - $300.00 
 Fury MX  Snub   Snub Bomber 1 - $55.00 
 Gladiator  Small   Bomber 1 à 2 - $165.00 
 Hercules A2  Large   Transport, Gunship, Bomber 1 à 8 216 $750.00 
 Retaliator Bomber  Large   Heavy Bomber 4 à 7 - $275.00 
 Spirit A1  Medium   Bomber 1 à 2 - $200.00 
 Talon Shrike  Small   Stealth, Bomber 1 - $115.00 
 Vanduul Void [Squadron 42]  N/A   Bomber 1 - N/A 
 Vanguard Harbinger  Medium   Bomber 2 - $290.00 


These ships are designed to drop troops on the ground.
Like the Bomber, the interest of such a ship is too specialized to justify an acquisition as a first choice.
Again, it's a ship that worth being taken as a second or even third choice.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Cutlass Steel  Medium   Dropship 1 à 2 - $235.00 
 Ironclad Assault [In Concept]  Large   Heavy Dropship 6 1152 $535.00 
 Prowler  Medium   Dropship 2 - $440.00 
 Valkyrie  Medium   Dropship 1 à 5 30 $375.00 
 Valkyrie Liberator  Medium   Dropship 1 à 5 30 $375.00 
 Vanguard Hoplite  Medium   Dropship 2 - $240.00 


They are primarily escort or support ships during a conflict, but their manoeuvrability makes them vulnerable to fighters and bombers. Keep in mind that no matter how big the weapons a gunship can carry, it can quickly be overwhelmed if it doesn't have a minimum of support. These ships are usually of average size or larger, and require a crew of at least three to reach their full potential.

Be sure to study the design of each gunship, some, like the Hammerhead, have an anti-fighter support role, while others, like the Perseus, have a fire support role intended to thwart medium and/or large ships.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Constellation Andromeda  Large   Medium Freight, Gunship 3 à 4 96 $240.00 
 Freelancer Mis  Medium   Gunship 2 à 4 36 $175.00 
 Hammerhead  Large   Heavy Gunship 3 à 9 40 $725.00 
 Hammerhead Best In Show  Large   Heavy Gunship 3 à 9 40 $725.00 
 Hercules A2  Large   Transport, Gunship, Bomber 1 à 8 216 $750.00 
 Perseus [In Concept]  Large   Heavy Gunship 6 50 $675.00 
 Redeemer  Medium   Gunship 3 à 5 2 $325.00 
 Retaliator  Large   Heavy Gunship 4 à 7 - $175.00 


Ship designed to passively secure an area, it's a very specific gameplay that may be interesting to play but remains for the moment reserved for war corporations.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Nautilus [In Concept]  Large   Minelayer 4 à 8 64 $725.00 
 Nautilus Solstice [In Concept]  Large   Minelayer 4 à 8 64 $725.00 


This activity has few ships specifically designed for boarding.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Legionnaire [In Concept]  Medium   Boarding 1 à 2 - $120.00 
 Vanduul Cleaver [Squadron 42]  N/A   Boarding 0 - N/A 

Destroyer, Frigate and Military Carrier

It's hard to say at this point whether such ships will have any real use in play.
These ships are intended for corporations with real ambition at stake.
Before investing in such a ship, make sure you are truly supported by your corporation.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Bengal [Squadron 42]  Capital   Carrier 1 à 755 - N/A 
 Idris-K [In Production]  Capital   Frigate 8 à 28 995 $1,800.00 
 Idris-M [In Production]  Capital   Frigate 8 à 28 831 $1,000.00 
 Idris-P [In Production]  Capital   Frigate 8 à 28 995 $1,500.00 
 Javelin [In Production]  Capital   Destroyer 12 à 80 3446 $3,000.00 
 Kraken [In Concept]  Capital   Light Carrier 10 3792 $1,650.00 
 Kraken Privateer [In Concept]  Capital   Light Carrier, Trade 10 768 $2,000.00 
 Liberator [In Concept]  Capital   Carrier 1 à 2 400 $575.00 
 Pegasus [Squadron 42]  Capital   Carrier 32 - N/A 
 Vanduul Driller [Squadron 42]  Captial   Frigate 0 - N/A 
 Vanduul Harvester Carrier [Squadron 42]  Large   Carrier 0 - N/A 
 Vanduul Kingship [Squadron 42]  Captial   Carrier 0 - N/A 

Trade and Transport

Transport ships are often under armed, relying mainly on their armour to flee from combat and relying on the presence of an escort to protect them.

Freight and Cargo

It is difficult to say whether CIG intends to make a distinction between freight and cargo, but as far as I am concerned I do not see any significant difference that would imply separating freight ships from cargo ships.

The basic rule of thumb in cargo transport is that a ship with cargo capacity can do freight transport, which includes starter ships such as the Aurora MR or the Avenger Titan, but their capacity is such that it is difficult to consider them as true cargo ships.

There is a wide choice of ships capable of cargo transport, even the Valkyrie since it received cargo capacity can become a freight ship.

So it will mainly depend on your objectives...
Are you just going to carry a few crates?
Or trade on a large scale?
Playing alone, or in a group?
With or without an escort?

These are all questions you need to answer because they will influence your choice of ship.
If you just want to carry a few crates every now and then, an Avenger Titan is all you need.
If you want to do wholesale transport, have the guarantee of an escort, risk yourself for a Hull.
But if you're unescorted, opt instead for the ruggedness of the Caterpilar or Freelancer.
If you're a reckless daredevil or a pirate, the Cutlass Black will be your partner.

As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 135c  Small   Light Freight 1 6 $65.00 
 Aurora CL  Small   Light Freight 1 6 $45.00 
 Avenger Titan  Small   Light Freight 1 8 $60.00 
 Avenger Titan Renegade  Small   Light Freight 1 8 $75.00 
 Caterpillar  Large   Medium Freight 2 à 4 576 $330.00 
 Caterpillar Best In Show  Large   Medium Freight 2 à 4 576 $330.00 
 Caterpillar Pirate  Large   Medium Freight 2 à 4 576 $330.00 
 Constellation Andromeda  Large   Medium Freight, Gunship 3 à 4 96 $240.00 
 Constellation Taurus  Large   Medium Freight 3 à 4 174 $190.00 
 Cutlass Black  Medium   Medium Freight, Fighter 1 à 2 46 $110.00 
 Cutlass Black Best In Show  Medium   Medium Freight, Fighter 1 à 2 46 $110.00 
 Cutter  Small   Light Freight 1 4 $45.00 
 Freelancer  Medium   Medium Freight 2 à 4 66 $110.00 
 Freelancer Max  Medium   Medium Freight 2 à 4 120 $150.00 
 Hull A  Small   Medium Freight 1 64 $90.00 
 Hull B [In Concept]  Medium   Heavy Freight 1 384 $140.00 
 Hull C  Large   Heavy Freight 2 à 4 4608 $500.00 
 Hull D [In Concept]  Capital   Heavy Freight 3 à 5 20736 $450.00 
 Hull E [In Concept]  Capital   Heavy Freight 4 à 5 98304 $750.00 
 Ironclad [In Concept]  Large   Heavy Freight 6 1536 $450.00 
 Merchantman [In Production]  Large   Heavy Freight, Trade 4 à 8 2800 $650.00 
 Mercury Star Runner  Medium   Medium Freight, Data 2 à 3 114 $260.00 
 MPUV-1C Cargo  Snub   Light Freight 1 2 $35.00 
 MPUV-1T Tractor  Snub   Freight 1 - N/A 
 Mule  Vehicle   Freight 1 1 $45.00 
 Mustang Alpha  Small   Light Freight 1 4 $30.00 
 Mustang Alpha Vindicator  Small   Light Freight 1 4 $30.00 
 Nomad  Medium   Freight 1 24 $80.00 
 RAFT  Medium   Medium Freight 1 à 2 96 $125.00 
 Railen [In Concept]  Small   Medium Freight 1 à 4 320 $225.00 
 Reliant Kore  Small   Light Freight 1 à 2 6 $65.00 
 Syulen  Small   Light Freight 1 6 $70.00 
 Zeus Mk II CL [In Concept]  Medium   Medium Freight 3 128 $150.00 

When available, the Caterpillar Pirate Edition can only be obtained as a Standalone version and requires completion of the Pirate Swarm Arena Commander in multiplayer to unlock it.

Data Running

Once many systems and the exploration will been in place, we can start to see missions for transporting important messages, coordinates, etc. And that's where the data ships will come in. Currently, there are only two such ships, the Herald, which is the sole function, and the Mercury Star Runner, which is both a cargo and a data ship.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Herald  Small   Medium Data 1 - $85.00 
 Mercury Star Runner  Medium   Medium Freight, Data 2 à 3 114 $260.00 


I hope that CIG will eventually extend this concept to a wider range of ships, and I still hope one day to be able to transform my Avenger Titan into a "lowcost Space Minibus". But for now we'll have to make do with the Genesis Starliner and the MPUV-1P Personal, which are two extremes. On the one hand, a ship designed for long distance travel, and on the other hand, a ship barely fit for commuting between an orbital station and planet surface.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Genesis Starliner [In Concept]  Large   Large Passenger 2 à 8 300 $400.00 
 MPUV-1P Personnel  Snub   Passenger 1 2 $40.00 
 Spirit E1 [In Production]  Medium   Passenger 1 à 2 - $150.00 

Military Transport

Military transport is not much different from freight transport, since the ships in it are designed for freight, but in addition there is a capacity to carry vehicles. As this, the Hercules are distinguished by their ability to transport heavy vehicles, including the Tank Nova.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Hercules A2  Large   Transport, Gunship, Bomber 1 à 8 216 $750.00 
 Hercules C2  Large   Transport 1 à 2 696 $400.00 
 Hercules M2  Large   Transport, Military 1 à 3 522 $520.00 


Ships with one or more shops can be found here.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Kraken Privateer [In Concept]  Capital   Light Carrier, Trade 10 768 $2,000.00 
 Merchantman [In Production]  Large   Heavy Freight, Trade 4 à 8 2800 $650.00 


It's still difficult to get a real idea of what exploration will be like, many people hope to go on an adventure to explore the universe, but we still have to find the right ship. Exploration is distinguished by four sub-families which are Expeditions, Exploration, Touring and Pathfinders, let's start with the latter.

Pathfinder and Scout

This activity could be military, and could fall under the category of combat, although the role of the scout is not to go out and meet danger, but rather to find the best way around it. The role of the scout can be distinguished by infiltration, an ability to explore enemy lines, or simply being a first step in finding jump points and other points of interest. In the lore, many of the jump point finders had only a simple Pathfinder...

Pathfinder ships are generally small, comparable to light fighters, but less well armed and with better scanners. There are ships such as the Mustang or Aurora, but the ultimate Pathfinder ship is certainly the Terrapin, except that its price of $220.00 excluding tax is beyond comprehension, which ultimately relegates it to the least profitable ships to buy online.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 315p  Small   Pathfinder 1 12 $65.00 
 400i  Large   Pathfinder 1 à 3 42 $250.00 
 Aurora ES  Small   Pathfinder 1 3 $20.00 
 Aurora LX  Small   Pathfinder 1 3 $35.00 
 Cyclone  Vehicle   Recon 1 à 2 1 $55.00 
 Cyclone AA  Vehicle   Recon 1 à 2 - $80.00 
 Cyclone MT  Vehicle   Recon 1 à 3 - $75.00 
 Cyclone RN  Vehicle   Recon 1 à 2 - $65.00 
 Cyclone TR  Vehicle   Recon 1 à 3 - $65.00 
 F7C-R Hornet Tracker Mk1  Small   Pathfinder 1 - $150.00 
 G12a [In Concept]  Vehicle   Recon 2 - $65.00 
 Lynx Rover  Vehicle   Recon 1 à 2 - $60.00 
 Mustang Beta  Small   Pathfinder 1 - $40.00 
 Pisces C8  Snub   Pathfinder 1 à 3 4 N/A 
 Pisces C8X Expedition  Snub   Pathfinder 1 à 3 4 $45.00 
 Pulse  Vehicle   Recon 1 - $30.00 
 Ranger CV [In Concept]  Vehicle   Recon 1 0.375 $35.00 
 Ranger TR [In Concept]  Vehicle   Recon 1 - $40.00 
 Terrapin  Small   Pathfinder 1 à 2 - $220.00 
 X1 Force  Vehicle   Snub Pathfinder 1 - $55.00 

Although defined as a single-seater, I preferred to classify the Terrapin as a one or two-man ship because access to the long-range scanner requires leaving the pilot seat.

The Pisces C8 cannot be acquired alone, it accompanies the Carrack. If you wish to acquire a Pisces without having to go through the Carrack, you will have to opt for the Pisces C8X Expedition.


For some ships, it is difficult to say if it will really be an activity, because it will consist in visiting a place, or more particularly in taking tourists who will pay you graciously.

We find in this family of large ships, such as the 890 Jump, the 600i Touring and the Constellation Phoenix, ships specially designed to transport holidaymakers and wealthy notables. And paradoxically, alongside single-seater ships such as the 300i and the X1 base, and a two-seater, the 85x, forced to wonder how lucrative this activity will really be in such ships?

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 100i  Small   Touring 1 2 $50.00 
 300i  Small   Touring 1 8 $60.00 
 600i Executive  Large   Touring 3 à 5 44 N/A 
 600i Touring  Large   Touring 3 à 5 20 $435.00 
 85x  Snub   Touring 1 à 2 - $50.00 
 890 Jump  Capital   Touring 3 à 5 100 $950.00 
 Constellation Phoenix  Large   Touring 3 à 4 96 $350.00 
 Constellation Phoenix Emerald  Large   Touring 3 à 4 96 $350.00 
 X1 Base  Vehicle   Snub Touring 1 - $45.00 

Expeditions, Exploration

CIG seems to distinguish between exploration and expedition ships, a priori the difference would be in the equipment of the ship and/or the capacity to carry additional ships or vehicles.

When it comes to exploration, the Freelancer DUR is the best value for money for a small group of players, especially since the Freelancer can act as a Starter. The Carrack is the reference in terms of exploration ships with its shuttle (The Pisces) and its Rover, but its price makes it difficult to afford. Finally, the Constellation Aquilla is a happy medium with its P-52 Merlin and a Rover. As for the Corsair, the latter could be a good alternative to the Freelancer DUR for those who prefer the DRAKE manufacturer to Misc. Note that the Corsair can make an excellent Gunship because of its armament.

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 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 600i Explorer  Large   Expedition 2 à 5 44 $475.00 
 Carrack  Large   Expedition 4 à 6 456 $600.00 
 Carrack Expedition  Large   Expedition 4 à 6 456 $625.00 
 Carrack Expedition w/C8X  Large   Expedition 4 à 6 456 $645.00 
 Carrack w/C8X  Large   Expedition 4 à 6 456 $620.00 
 Constellation Aquila  Large   Expedition 3 à 4 96 $310.00 
 Corsair  Large   Exploration 2 à 4 72 $250.00 
 Cutter Rambler  Small   Exploration 1 2 $50.00 
 Cutter Scout  Small   Exploration 1 2 $50.00 
 Freelancer DUR  Medium   Expedition 2 à 4 36 $135.00 
 G12 [In Concept]  Vehicle   Exploration 2 2 $60.00 
 Odyssey [In Concept]  Large   Exploration 4 à 6 252 $700.00 
 URSA Rover  Vehicle   Exploration 1 à 2 2 $50.00 
 URSA Rover Fortuna  Vehicle   Exploration 1 à 2 2 $55.00 
 UTV [In Concept]  Vehicle   Exploration 1 à 2 - N/A 
 Zeus [Lore]  Medium   Exploration 0 - N/A 
 Zeus Mk II ES [In Concept]  Medium   Exploration 3 32 $150.00 

Industry, Support, Science and Media

Certainly one of the most explicit families because each sub-family corresponds to a specialization and rarely has more than two ships.

It includes various careers, such as mining, Refining, salvage, science, or others.


This activity speaks for itself, since it consists of prospecting for minerals with the aim of extracting resources from them.

With the arrival of the Mole and the Greycat ROC, mineral prospecting is an activity that now offers a wide choice of ships and vehicles, each belonging to a well-defined category. The Prospector is a single-seater ship for a single player. The Orion is a ship whose design and size places it among the corporate ships. The Mole is a ship whose design means that you will need a minimum of two people to start operating it, it is a ship designed for a small group of 2-4 members, ideal for a group of friends. Finally, the Greycat ROC gives you the opportunity to do mass FPS Mining.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Arrastra [In Concept]  Large   Heavy Mining 1 - $575.00 
 Cydnus [Squadron 42]  Drone   Mining, Prospecting 0 - N/A 
 MOLE  Medium   Mining, Prospecting 2 à 4 96 $315.00 
 MOLE Carbon  Medium   Mining, Prospecting 2 à 4 96 $315.00 
 MOLE Talus  Medium   Mining, Prospecting 2 à 4 96 $315.00 
 Orion [In Concept]  Capital   Heavy Mining 4 à 7 384 $575.00 
 Prospector  Small   Mining, Prospecting 1 - $155.00 
 ROC  Vehicle   Mining, Prospecting 1 0.8 $55.00 
 ROC DS  Vehicle   Mining, Prospecting 1 à 2 3.5 $75.00 
 Vanduul Harvester [Squadron 42]  Vehicle   Mining, Salvage 0 - N/A 

The Cydnus is a massive mining machine known colloquially as a "mining tick". This ship is currently only present on Squadron 42's RoadMap and will be used in the story of Squadron 42, but there is no way to tell if it will be present in the multiplayer game.


This category essentially encompasses ships whose role is to refine raw materials from mining exploration, with the aim of reselling them, or transferring them to a transport ship.

"Refining" ships are the link in the mining gameplay loop between the family of "mining" ships such as the Prospector and the Mole, whose main role is the harvesting of resources, and the family of transporters such as the Hull, whose main role is the transport of materials once they are processed.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Expanse [In Concept]  Small   Refinery 1 128 $150.00 


If you're interested in wreck hunting, the salvage is definitely for you.

There are only two ships in this activity, the Vulture as a single-player ship and the Reclaimer as a multiplayer ship, and a "drone", the hypothetical Cutter, supposed to accompany the Reclaimer.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Cutter (drone) [In Concept]  Drone   Snub Salvage 0 - N/A 
 Reclaimer  Large   Heavy Salvage 4 à 5 180 $400.00 
 Reclaimer Best In Show  Large   Heavy Salvage 4 à 5 180 $400.00 
 Vanduul Harvester [Squadron 42]  Vehicle   Mining, Salvage 0 - N/A 
 Vulture  Small   Light Salvage 1 12 $175.00 

"Snub", "drone" or "manned armor", the Cutter has gone through many stages and it is still difficult to affirm its true nature for the moment, even its name is uncertain. At the last news, it would be a Snub Ship. The only possible assertion is that it is still in the development planning and that this "machine" will accompany the Reclaimer.


The only ship of its kind, the SRV, or space tug, capable of searching for a ship and bringing it back, while having a living space to house the crew of the sinking ship.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 SRV  Small   Search and Rescue 1 10 $165.00 

Repair & Refuel

With its drone fleet, the Vulcan is specially designed to refuel and repair other ships, even during combat.

Then there is the Starfarer, a heavy supply ship, an escort will be indispensable, don't plan to play it without a corporation behind to support you.

The Crucible, heavy ship of repair, there again a corporation seems inevitable to me.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Crucible [In Concept]  Large   Heavy Repair 3 à 8 230 $350.00 
 Starfarer  Large   Heavy Refuel 4 à 6 291 $300.00 
 Starfarer Gemini  Large   Heavy Refuel 4 à 6 291 $340.00 
 Vulcan [In Concept]  Medium   Repair, Refuel 1 à 3 12 $200.00 


This activity is still quite fuzzy I must admit, on one side we have the Reliant Sen, a two-seater ship that seems more designed to analyze resources and eventually retrieve them (manually), and on the other side the Endeavor, the flying farm, allowing you to produce your own cultures in space, of course, the latter is a heavy ship that is predestined for corporations.

Be careful with the Endeavor, because this ship requires modules to be functional.
The price corresponds to the basic model without any module that will have to be acquired separately.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Endeavor [In Concept]  Capital   Heavy Science 3 à 5 500 $350.00 
 Reliant Sen  Small   Light Science 2 - $85.00 
 Modules  Size  Role Price
 Endeavor Biodome Pod  2x1   Exploitation Agricole $100.00 
 Endeavor Supercollider Pod  2x2   Overclocking $125.00 
 Endeavor Service Equipment And Crew Pod  2x1   Equipage $25.00 
 Endeavor Landing Pod  2x1   Baie d'Atterrissage $75.00 
 Endeavor Medical Bay Pod  2x2   Hôpital complet $75.00 
 Endeavor Research Bay Pod  2x1   Science (Recherche) $45.00 
 Endeavor General Science Pod  2x1   Science (Analyse) $45.00 
 Endeavor Fuel Pod  2x1   Extension de Carburant $35.00 
 Endeavor Telescope Array Pod  2x1   Observatoire Stellaire $125.00 

Medical Support

Answer a call for help by going to the rescue of a player who has unfortunately been forced to eject into space with the Apollo or Cutlass Red. These ships require two players, although it can be assumed that only one player can use it, but he will have to leave the cockpit to go to the rescue console (or equivalent).

Note that not all ships with a medical space will offer the same services, it will mainly depend on the type of bed on board, I won't go into more details about the medical support gameplay, but be aware that the Cutlass Red should be seen as a space ambulance just good at applying first aid and transporting the patient to a hospital, while the Apollo are defined as mobile hospitals that will therefore have a real ability to treat a patient.

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 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Apollo Medivac [In Concept]  Medium   Medical 2 28 $275.00 
 Apollo Triage [In Concept]  Medium   Medical 2 28 $250.00 
 Cutlass Red  Medium   Medical 2 12 $135.00 
 MPUV-1S Search and Rescue [Unconfirmed]  Snub   Medical 1 - N/A 
 Pisces C8R Rescue  Snub   Medical 1 à 2 - $65.00 
 Ursa Rover Medivac  Vehicle   Medical 1 à 2 2 N/A 


This activity currently has only one ship, the Reliant Mako, but you will necessarily need to be two, as the ship requires a pilot and a cameraman.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Reliant Mako  Small   Reporting 2 - $95.00 


The Pioneer, the construction ship par excellence, but exclusively reserved for corporations, because such a ship requires a crew of 8 people, and it will certainly need protection.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 Pioneer [In Concept]  Capital   Heavy Construction 4 à 8 600 $850.00 


Family exclusively dedicated to racing, whether in the air or on the ground.
A wide range of ships are available, but take the time to study them carefully, some, like the Dragonfly, are antigrav bikes designed for ground racing, others like the P72 Archimede is a snub ship, it does not have a QT engine and requires to be carried.

 Ship  Size  Role Crew Cargo Price
 350r  Small   Racing 1 4 $125.00 
 Cyclone RC  Vehicle   Racing 1 à 2 - $65.00 
 Dragonfly Black  Vehicle   Snub Racing 1 - $40.00 
 Dragonfly Starkitten Pink  Vehicle   Snub Racing 1 - N/A 
 Dragonfly Yellowjacket  Vehicle   Snub Racing 1 - $40.00 
 Fury LX  Snub   Snub Racing 1 - $55.00 
 G12r [In Concept]  Vehicle   Racing 2 - $60.00 
 M50  Small   Racing 1 - $100.00 
 Mustang Gamma  Small   Racing 1 - $55.00 
 Mustang Omega  Small   Racing 1 - $55.00 
 Nox  Vehicle   Racing 1 - $45.00 
 Nox Kue  Vehicle   Racing 1 - $45.00 
 P-72 Archimedes  Snub   Racing 1 - $35.00 
 P-72 Archimedes Emerald  Snub   Racing 1 - $40.00 
 Pulse LX  Vehicle   Racing 1 - $30.00 
 Ranger RC [In Concept]  Vehicle   Racing 1 - $35.00 
 Razor  Small   Racing 1 - $145.00 
 Razor LX  Small   Racing, Luxury 1 - $150.00 
 STV  Vehicle   Racing 1 à 2 0.25 $40.00 
 X1 Velocity  Vehicle   Snub Racing 1 - $50.00 

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